Hot Horse

Received this article from one of my feed suppliers.  I have always heard the opposite, but this is good to know for horse owners.

There is a common myth in the horse industry that says we should not let a hot, tired horse drink directly after work because it will make him colic or founder.  Actually, withholding water is the worst thing you can do when your horse is hot or tired.  Research has shown that your horse has his greatest thirst immediately after exercise. If we withhold water until the horse isn’t hot anymore, he may not feel thirsty but could still be in need of rehydration.

Numerous studies have shown that letting a hot horse drink will cause neither colic nor founder. In fact, letting a hot horse drink is the best way to help him cool down. As a rule of thumb, allow your horse water at all times, whether he is hot or not.

Feeding the Equine Athlete Beth Stelzleni, M.S., PAS


Ok so I haven't updated my site in a while (over a year) and the Trolls have come out to bother me. All of a sudden there are tons of people or bots creating accounts on here even though I don't have the "Create an Account" prominently displayed.  The fact that they know what to type in to get to the account page tells me they are up to no good. So for all you Trolls out there, it might of been a year since I have written anything on my Blog but rest assured all updates are still being performed and your little user accounts have been deleted.

Winter Fall TV Lineup

I added three new shows this past winter to my DVR.
Arrow which I wasn't sure I was going to like as it is about Oliver Queen a millionaire playboy out to get the bad guy. I at first compared it to the Oliver Queen from Smallville but quickly realized this was its own show and easily transferred over. Nice action filled program with likeable characters to say the least. Continue reading

Trail Ride

Today Rosa and I went on our first trail ride.  I met a lady that lives down the road about one mile from me who said she had trails right behind her house and would love to go riding.  Since Rosa hadn't been ridden since her injury and I have never ridden her anywhere except across the street I decided it would be best to just walk her the mile to the lady's house. That walk took me about twenty minutes but it was worth it considering we passed some monster cows, aggressive dogs and killer signs. Once we got there I hopped on and down the trails we went. Continue reading

People Suck

Just another day in the Ocala National Forest.... people here suck!  We have been stolen from by friends, our house broken into and now yesterday someone took our mower right from the front of our house with us at home in broad daylight. Well actually it had to have been two people to be able to push it down the drive with a semi flat tire.  We have no doubt that it is someone we know or that has been here before and knows that we don't always hear when someone is out side. Plus since they walked up we surely would not have heard them.  Jim was going to mow in the afternoon when it cooled down as the yard is extremely high and now we are stuck with no way to mow and no money to buy a new mower. The mower was an expensive Cub Cadet that my Mom had given us and we have had for years but it still worked perfectly. Continue reading

Heart Stopping

Wednesday around 4:30 I went to turn the horses out into the pasture and clean the stalls and barn as usual. I locked Sudden out of her stall and opened her paddock gate into the pasture. I noticed Rosa over in her paddock laying down. As I walked back up to the barn, all the while keeping an eye on her I thought to myself "oh this is great she must be colicing". I grabbed her halter and walked into her paddock asking her to get up as I approached. She struggled a couple of times and then finally managed to get up. Continue reading

Ormond Beach

  Janet and I have been running over to Ormond beach once a week for the past few weeks.  Its pretty cool that we can drive and park on the beach so all of our stuff is close at hand.  On the day that the pictures were taken it was very overcast and gloomy. Janet kept complaining that we weren't going to get any sun and I told her that yes we were. Sure enough even though we had only stayed there a couple of hours we both got skin peeling burned.  We went again the next week and burned the parts that didn't get burned the first time.  We skipped the 4th of July week due to the crowds but I think we will be back again next week for more torture. Continue reading

Yellow Rat Snake

The other day I got the crap scared out of me when I was getting hay for the horses.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a stick in the aisle way and then realized it was a huge snake. I pushed it lightly with the broom to see if it was alive and the thing slowly stretched out showing me that it was almost five foot long. He was a very mellow yellow rat snake and extremely beautiful.  I left him alone as there is a bad rat and squirrel problem in my barn. Continue reading